About Sequence Biotech

SEQUENCE BIOTECH PVT LTD is a Biotechnology Product manufacturing Industry is a Research focused company having unique and worldwide management in enzyme manufacturing and Commitment to eco-friendly alternatives to various industries like Human healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Neutraceuticals, Food, Animal feed, Agriculture, Distilleries, etc. SBPL is aiming a bio-solution to all sectors of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is that branch of science with amalgamates biology and technology in order to derive productive results from biological organisms through technological applications. Although modern technology is relatively newer field but it is an

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emerging field next to information technology. The understanding and application of biotechnology adds great value to various aspects of life. Biotechnology can be used as an effective tool for food production, food storing, environmental conservation and preservation, development of important life saving drugs and vaccines etc and many more. It involves production of newer and viable products or developing older products into cheaper and more effecting forms. With the value addition of biotechnology, today it engulfs many disciplines of science and technology. Today the essence of biotechnology is most prominent in the field of genetic researches and drug designing. However, it is being effectively being used for conservation of natural resources and developing newer sources of alternative energy as well. Indian sub-continent is known to house one of the world’s largest bio and Indian Biotechnology has a very bright future.

Sequence Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL) is going to create a milestone for fermentation based manufacturing facility at Nashik with unique and GMP approved plant for any kind of metabolite production like microbial enzymes, immunosuppressant drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, biological, etc. SBPL has developed Serratiopeptidase enzyme from bacterial origin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory used to address inflammation and pain in a wide variety of conditions including surgery, trauma and polytrauma. Serratiopeptidase has no known side effects – unlike aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other over-the-counter non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – as well as acetaminophen. These non-prescription drugs have been proven in clinical studies to cause stomach, kidney, liver, and even heart problems, especially when used regularly, and for prolonged periods. The emergence of serratiopeptidase as a viable alternative is most welcome, to put it mildly.

Also, SBPL is going to create GMP approved facility for production and formulation of Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical enzymes. Not all chemical synthesized compounds are safe and it may have some side effects immediately or at any time of life. Biological products like digestive enzymes will have broad scope for human health and neutraceuticals. Another important value adding products are formulations for Sugar Mills, Grain and Molasses based Distilleries. These products are fermentation performance enhancers and helping yield improvement of Sugar Mills, and Distilleries. The portfolio of the products also includes: antifoaming agents, food grade preservation formulae, sanitation formulae, flocculent, and enzyme based yield improvement formulation.

Thus, the SBPL have an extraordinary manufacturing capabilities and a wide scope for tremendous growth as well as any type of product development. As per US-FDA and EU, the bio-products will have huge demand in the market. We may have chance to develop a new milestone for high value and low volume product in future.